Attorney On Trial For Sexual Assault Warned By Judge Over Courtroom Outbursts

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In hot-tempered testimony, a Columbus attorney accused of sexually assaulting five women testified he's the victim of a conspiracy by prosecutors and Columbus Police.

Javier Armengau continued testifying in his own defense Monday.

The criminal defense attorney is accused of sexually assaulting clients, the mothers of clients, and a former employee.

Over three weeks of testimony, jurors heard from five accusers and three clients of Javier Armengau.

All five of the accusers allege he forced himself on them sexually.

Two of the three clients say they had consensual sex with him, and the third client says he made inappropriate comments that made her uncomfortable.

Monday, Armengau testified all of them are lying.

"Are any of the allegations made by any of these women in any way true?” asked defense attorney Jennifer Coriell.

“Not one," answered Armengau.

After addressing allegations from four of the accusers last week, on Monday he answered allegations that he raped a fifth accuser inside the Franklin County Courthouse.

"At any time did you ever take your pants down in the conference room or a courtroom with (her) and expose your penis to her?” asked Coriell.

“Absolutely not,” he replied. “There's deputies in courtrooms. I mean how- you got cops walking in and out, you got bailiffs walking in and out, prosecutors walking in and out. I mean you're going to be sitting there trying to have sex with someone in the conference room? Come on man!"

Before Special Prosecutor Daniel Breyer even began his cross-examination, Armengau erupted at him during one of Breyer’s objections.

“Excuse me, Judge, I'm going to object to this where he (inaudible) throws in his little editorial...” began Breyer.

“It's not a little anything!” yelled Armengau.

The judge cleared the jury out and warned Armengau to control his temper.

Then prosecutors had their chance to question him.
He said the case against him was a trumped up conspiracy by the women, Columbus Police, the Franklin Prosecutor’s Office, and the Attorney General’s Office.

"I believe you pressured her into what she said,” Armengau told Breyer of one of the women. "I don't care whether you're part of a conspiracy or not. All I can tell you is you did it with (accuser). You did it with (former client). I can keep going if you want to. You, you, you make your witnesses change their testimony."

Armengau will be back on the stand Tuesday morning, followed by closing arguments in the afternoon.

The judge said he hopes to have the case to the jury late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

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