Attorney General Addresses Claims Against Services Director

The Attorney General on Wednesday defended his decision not to allow an outside agency to investigate his friend and former roommate at the center of sexual harassment claims.
Attorney General Marc Dann said that it would be improper to allow another agency to investigate Anthony Gutierrez, who serves as his director of general services, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.
Two female staffers filed a federal complaint on Tuesday claiming that Gutierrez pressured them to have sex with him. At least one of the alleged incidents occurred at a Dublin condominium complex where Dann, Gutierrez and communications director, Leo Jennings, shared a residence.
Money from Dann's campaign fund financed the apartment's rent, Aker reported.
Gutierrez was placed on paid administrative leave earlier this week.
On his way to a meeting on Wednesday, Dann told 10 Investigates that he chose not to send the investigation out-of-house because that was his policy.
"We're following process to the letter," Dann said, "which means there is an internal investigation first, and under our policy there is a right of appeal. We can bring in an outside person at that point."
Dann denied claims that he had any kind of improper relationship with his personal scheduler at the Dublin condo, Aker reported.
One of the women claimed that she saw Dann's personal scheduler in his home wearing pajamas, Aker reported.
While Dann denied allegations of an improper relationship, he did acknowledge that the assistant was at his apartment to deliver his schedule. Dann said it was his preference to keep a physical copy of his schedule handy, instead of carrying it in an electronic device.
"I carry with me a card because it's hard to access my Blackberry on a very quick moment," Dann said. 
Although he was not personally handling the investigation, Dann promised disciplinary action in the event the allegations proved true.
"It is tragic these kinds of allegations have been made in my office," Dann said. "If it's true, I want to make sure the appropriate discipline has been taken as it relates to everybody involved."
Dann told 10 Investigates that he wished the staffers who filed the complaint would have acted sooner. The Attorney General also said the women involved could have filed the complaint months ago, Aker reported.
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