Attorney Armengau Answers Accusations In Court

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Attorney Javier Armengau took the stand Friday to answer accusations he sexually assaulted five women.

The defense attorney turned defendant, wasted no time proclaiming his innocence.

"Everything they have accused me of, I have not done," Armengau told jurors.

The father of five said the allegations against him have been devastating to him, his family, and his law practice.

He broke down while discussing a former receptionist who stood by him even after his arrest last year.

"Sarina contacted me," Armengau wept. "She quit her job to come back to work for me, even though she had no idea what I could pay her."

Through hours of testimony, Armengau discussed in detail each of his five accusers.

The first, the mother of one of his clients.

"At any time during your meeting with (her) on April 4th of 2013, did you grab her and touch her breasts?" asked defense attorney Jennifer Coriell.

"Absolutely not," Armengau answered.

"Did you kiss her?" Coriell asked.         

"Absolutely not. I can look at you and say that, I can look at them and say that, I can look at each juror and say that- I didn't lay a hand on that lady!" he yelled.

Accuser 2 was a client he represented multiple times from 1999 through 2011.

Armengau says, out of sympathy for her financial circumstances, he never charged her.

While separated from his now ex-wife, Armengau says they briefly dated and had sex.

"Was it all consensual?" asked Coriell.

"Yeah," he replied.

"Did you ever force her to have sex with you?"

"Nope," Armengau answered.

He says the woman notified him she was pregnant.

He said she was unaware that he'd had a vasectomy five years earlier.

"I chuckled, I said (to her), I'm not the father of your child.  And she exploded."

He says despite their dating relationship ending there, she continued contacting him periodically over the next seven years for legal help.

He last heard from her after his arrest made the news.

"What did she say to you?" asked Coriell.

"It was just, 'I heard what happened- I'm glad.'" Armengau answered.

Accuser 3 was a client out of Armengau's Marion County office.

Armengau testified they disagreed over the handling of her case, and she tried to have him removed as her attorney.

The day of her next court hearing, he says the judge called him into his office.

"She came up here today, she said that you sexually assaulted her," he remembers the judge telling him.

"Were you ever contacted by Marion Police regarding those allegations?" asked Coriell.

"No, she couldn't file a complaint with the police department," Armengau said.

"Why was that?"

"Because she had filed two previous false allegation complaints of sexual abuse in the past," Armengau answered.

Accuser 4 is a former client who also worked in Armengau's Marion office.

Accuser 5 is the mother of a client.

Armengau had just started discussing the fifth accuser when testimony broke for the weekend.

Armengau's testimony continue will resume on Monday.

That's also when the prosecution gets its chance to cross examine him.    

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