Athens County Prosecutor Closes Case On Hocking College Rape Allegations


Athens County Prosecutor Keller J. Blackburn has announced that his office has found no evidence to pursue an indictment in rape allegations against five Hocking College students.

Blackburn said his office followed all leads and investigatory protocols and found nothing and the case would be closed.

He added that the victim’s story was not consistent with his findings in the investigation. 

The investigation came about after a female student alleged she was sexually assaulted by five men in a Hocking College dormitory back on August 27.

In a police report, the woman told authorities she was intoxicated, lost her keys and was led to a dorm room.

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The report went on to say the woman woke up in a dorm room without her clothes on. She also told police several men were also in the room and they did not have any clothes on.

The Athens County Prosecutor’s Office worked with special agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to interview the victim and conduct a search of the scene for forensic evidence.

Blackburn said the investigation found no alcohol was involved. He added that Hocking College officials cooperated fully with the investigation.

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