Assault Charges Filed Against Gym Teacher Who Was Suspended By School

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A physical education teacher returned to the job after being disciplined for his alleged use of force against a 7-year-old student.

Anthony Mollica, 54, a gym teacher at Nelsonville-York Elementary School, was suspended without pay for five days, according to superintendent Mick McClelland. Mollica returned back on the job on Dec. 21.

The school would not elaborate on the accusations, except that it involved a second-grade student.

The Nelsonville Police Department confirmed to 10TV News that Mollica is now facing assault charges in relation to the alleged Dec. 12 incident.

According to police, the alleged victim and a parent reported that the student was assaulted by the teacher.

"I'm at the place where I don't even want him in the gym class at this point," said parent Alanna Underwood.

Another parent, Tia Anders, said that the alleged incident was not the first time Mollica had faced similar allegations.

She said that her son came face to face with the gym teacher more than five years ago.

“He was so scared when he told me, and he teared up and he kept wanting to tell me something and he wouldn’t tell me, and he was scared to go back,” Anders said.

Anders said that that the alleged incident occurred when students were lining up to leave gym class.

“He said that he was standing in line and the gym teacher pulled his shirt up and was screaming in his face to where he spit all over him,” Anders said.

Anders said that the district needs to make sure that a similar incident does not occur again.

“I am not surprised,” Anders said. “I am sad that this has happened to another child. That is why I think the board meeting is so important that other parents come and stand up for these kids.”

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