An Apple A Day Doesn’t Cut It


Women Need Regular Checkups

Information from Columbus Public Health

Men are often the ones blamed for not going to the doctor.  But women get behind too, sometimes putting their medical appointments last on the priority list and skipping needed screening and immunizations.

Regular checkups are vital to the early detection of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental health illnesses, sexually transmitted infections, and other conditions.

Screening tests, such as mammograms and Pap tests, can find diseases early, when they are easier to treat. Some women need certain screening tests earlier or more often than other women do.

Screening Can Lower Your Risk

Screenings and routine care can help women lower their risks of many health conditions, including the areas of:
•    Bone Health
•    Breast health
•    Colorectal cancer
•    Diabetes
•    Heart Health
•    Reproductive health
•    Sexual health

Check out what screening you need by what age with the interactive screening chart (link to

Getting Started
•    Contact your health care provider to schedule checkups.
•    Talk with your health care provider about which screenings and tests are right for you and when.
•    The Affordable Care Act offers many women preventive screenings with no out-of-pocket costs. See more at (link to )
•    If you don’t have a health care provider and need one – check out Getting Health Care in Columbus at Columbus Public Health (link to

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