Apartment Resident Fires Gun At Burglars, Injured Suspect Shows Up At Hospital

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Columbus police said an eastside apartment resident fired at burglars inside his home early Wednesday morning.

Around 12:30 a.m., police said at least two men entered a third-floor apartment at 5876 Chatford Drive in east Columbus.

Police said the men were attempting to steal items when the resident walked in on them and opened fire.

'It was just scary...just scary...just hearing the gunshots and not know where they're coming from,” said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Witnesses say the men jumped from a third-floor balcony and then took off in a car.

“There was a guy hiding behind the car saying ‘come on, come on, come on’ and then a car from the other parking lot came around and picked him up,” one witness said in a 911 call.

Police said a short time later, a shooting victim with multiple gunshot wounds arrived at Mount Carmel East Hospital.

Police said they believe that victim was the same person who burglarized the Chatford Drive apartment.

Police say they have not yet filed charges against the suspect, and that he is expected to survive his injuries.

Police are looking for the other suspects.

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