Animal Rescue Puts Dozens Of Animals On The Road To Recovery

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A new animal rescue organization in Central Ohio has helped put dozens of animals on the road to recovery.

The Animal Cruelty Task Force of Ohio provides rescue services to four counties and responds to an average of thirty calls a week.

Steffen Baldwin is a veteran humane agent who took a leap of faith two months ago and created the organization.

An agile, bouncy dog named Teddy is one of his most recent rescues.

The terrier mix lived his entire first two and a half years locked in a travel crate in rural Union County.

"It was so sad when we took him out he had never been on a leash before he didn't know how to walk either on a leash or on the ground," Baldwin said.

Baldwin said a voluntary surrender saved Teddy's life.

Teddy is just one of dozens of ACT Ohio rescue cases.

Daisy and Candy had nearly starved to death when Baldwin was called to help.

In a short time, both dogs have gained twenty pounds and are ready for adoption.

Misty Mae and Buttercup were discovered living in their own feces, terrified of people and of anything around their necks.

"They didn't know how to be on a leash at all they were fear biting, they were panicked," Baldwin said.

They too are on the road to recovery.

Teddy has only been in foster care a couple of weeks and will soon leave the comfort of his foster family and become someone else's new best friend.

"I really can't put a word to how that feels, people ask me all the time how that feels there's not a word to describe it, but I know I'm doing what I should be doing, I'll tell you that," Baldwin said of the organization.

Teddy will be available for adoption next weekend.