Animal Encounters At Columbus Zoo Allows Visitors To Get Close

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This week at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, get up close and personal with the animals at the Animal Encounters village.

This exhibit is perfect for visitors who want to see, touch and feel animals. You can pet birds such as the Chilean Flamingos. There are also reptiles and mammals such as small alligators and ferrets.

The animals in the exhibit are constantly switched out so they do not get overly stressed by attention.

One of the zoo’s famous birds, Kevin, can also be found at the exhibit. Kevin is a Seriema from South America. He likes to take his toy alligator and throw it against the ground. If he was in South America, this is how he would kill his pray.

In addition to seeing Kevin however, you can stand next to the penguins as they swim in a small tank for visitors. There are 3 penguin swims at various times every day.

The zoo provides a variety of entertainment, including four different shows. Each day there is an Africa show at 1 p.m. and a bird show at 3 p.m.