Animal Control Officials Teach Kids How To Avoid Dog Bites

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Members of Franklin County Department of Animal Care and Control visited Fairmoor Elementary school on the east side of Columbus on Friday.

They brought Penny, a one-year-old Pug mix. The dog helped students learn how to be safe when around animals.

The agency says it tries to have these talks in zip codes where they have a high number of reported dog bites.

The children were told how to protect themselves, if they come face to face with a dog that is not friendly.

Deputy Warden Jeremy Hubbell told them to never run.

"Cover our necks, cover our ears, and protect our face and our heads, ”said Jeremy Hubbell, Deputy Animal Warden.

The students also learned how to approach a dog, even if it's one they know.

Hubbell says they should make a fist.

"What we are going to do with this fist is put our hand out in front of the dog. And we are going to let her tell us we are going to pet her. "

Hubbell says it's all about showing kids the safe way to behave around a dog.

"How you approach, how you behave around a dog, even inside a house is something that is really important for kids and adults to pay attention to."

Animal Care and Control representatives say they have spoken to 4,700 children in Franklin County this year.