Anheuser-Busch Brewery Cited For Refrigeration Violations

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On Tuesday, the Department Of Labor announced Anheuser-Busch in Columbus has been cited for two repeat and eight serious safety violations following an inspection of it’s ammonia refrigeration system.

According to a release, a Feb. 4, 2014, inspection by the Occupational Safety & health Administration found the Anheuser-Busch plant failed to develop procedures for normal and emergency shutdown and restarting refrigeration systems. The company’s process hazard analysis failed to address the dangers of overpressurization and ammonia release completely, and failed to address engineering controls and their potential failure. In addition, the company did not install ammonia detection systems or a continuous emergency ventilation system. 

The company was also issued two repeat citations for failing to document properly the ammonia refrigeration system and the building ventilation design for use in emergencies and failed to document the design for a suction header pressure relief system adequately.

The proposed penalties total $92,400.

In response, Columbus Brewery General Manager Kevin Lee said in a statement: At Anheuser-Busch, safety is our top priority and we have an exemplary safety record. We have comprehensive safety and environment management systems which we continuously improve.  As part of our safety and environment management systems, employees of the Columbus brewery take every measure to provide a safe work environment for each other and the communities around us.  We have been fully cooperating with OSHA during their inquiry of our processes. We are disappointed with the citations from OSHA and do not agree with the substance or classification of the claims alleged. Safety is always our top priority and we look forward to working with OSHA to further improve our systems and resolve this matter.