Angela An’s Miracle Baby

Angela An’s Miracle Baby
Angela An’s Miracle Baby
Angela An’s Miracle Baby

In her own words:
As many of you know, the new year brought me new beginnings. I became a mother.  What many of you may not know is the journey my husband and I took to get here.  

It's a very private journey that began in 2009 with the hope of a healthy baby.  We turned to in vitro fertilization.  

Along the way, we encountered heartache after heartache... and we were done after four failed attempts which included two miscarriages and one trip to a highly-regarded clinic in Colorado.
The two stories you are about to watch captures my innermost thoughts and feelings.... from beginning to end... and how little Emmie is truly our miracle baby.
Sharing this story is not about offering promises.  

My hope is to help other couples who might be struggling to know they are not alone.  I understand their heartaches. I understand their hopes. I understand their drive to go on even though logic is telling them otherwise.
And it's ok to say... I can't go on anymore.