Ammo Prices On The Rise Due To Increased Demand

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If you are a gun enthusiast or hunter, you may have noticed a shortage in ammunition over the past several months.

Some gun owners started buying up ammo in 2008, concerned about gun control efforts by the Obama administration.

But now some retailers are blaming the most recent shortage on an increase in demand plus an increase in cost for raw materials.

“We’ve had problems keeping some types of ammunition in stock,” said Roy Nichols with the Bullet Ranch in Pataskala.

The Bullet Ranch is an indoor gun range that also sells ammunition and firearms.

Nichols says their biggest problem right now is keeping supplies of their .22-caliber and 380 ammunition on the shelves.

He says their suppliers have been allocating the ammunition.

"When they get it in, they'll divide it up and give as much as they can to each dealer that they have,” Nichols said. “So they try to make sure that everybody has as much ammo as they get in so they can divide evenly."

10TV spoke with some of the folks using the Bullet Ranch shooting range.

They said they have seen supply shortages at several central Ohio retailers.

The most frustrating part for both retailers and gun enthusiasts is that there is no sign that supply will catch up to the demand any time soon.