Amish Family Survives Hit & Run Driver Who Hit Buggy


It could have been much worse - a father, mother, and their infant daughter were all sent flying from an Amish buggy.

The family was on the way back from helping friends 20 miles away.

They were almost to their Fairfield County home Wednesday night in their horse-drawn buggy when a line of cars was waiting to pass them. The first two got around them, but the third clipped the carriage, tossing everyone out. Then, the driver kept on going.

Noah Schwartz was knocked unconscious, his wife Mattie banged up but not badly injured. Their almost one year old baby, Anna, was thrown but not injured.

“I couldn't see anything except her tongue, a little bit, like she'd bit her tongue,” said Mattie.

“I'd be glad to talk to them, and it would make me feel good if they would say they're sorry,” added Noah.

Noah Schwartz says the damage to the buggy is probably about $500, but he's just glad everyone is okay.