Alum Creek Dog Park Back Open After Parvo Virus Scare

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A popular dog park reopened Friday afternoon after a potentially deadly virus forced its shut down.

Ohio state park officers spent Friday morning cleaning up Alum Creek Dog Park.

The officers and the assistant state veterinarian combed the park for any evidence of the contagious canine Parvo virus.  

“It is typically transmitted by either direct contact with another dog that has the virus, or it can be transmitted by something that has been contaminated by their feces, that sort of thing,” said Dr. Paul Stull.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources received an anonymous tip Thursday afternoon that a puppy that recently visited the park later tested positive for Parvo. The state closed the park shortly after receiving the tip.

“When we heard that, we immediately took the necessary steps to protect the thousands of dogs that visit this park,” said Mark Bruce, ODNR Public Information Officer.

The seven-week- old puppy is now in isolation at an area veterinarian's office.

Dr. Stull said the puppy was brought to a dog park way too early.

“You shouldn't take babies into certain situations, and the same way with doggies, and even more so with doggies because of their natural habits,” he said.

State officials said it is important for park users to always follow the rules, including not bringing a dog less than four months of age into the dog park. It is also important that the dog has been vaccinated. Dog park patrons are also instructed to always clean up their animal’s waste.

The dog park reopened Friday afternoon, and the assistant state veterinarian said there is no threat of Parvo.

The puppy with Parvo is recovering, and a family is interested in adopting her.  

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