Alleged Victim Testifies Against Former Co-Worker Accused Of Choking, Raping Her

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A woman told a jury details about the night she was allegedly raped by a former co-worker.

Rickey Dye is accused of assaulting the woman, who 10TV News did not name, in February 2012 with a knife and leaving her bound and gagged.

Dye, a former co-worker of the woman, allegedly raped her after she filed sexual harassment complaints against him and he was fired.

The woman told a jury on Wednesday that Dye harassed her at the women’s homeless shelter where they had worked together.  She said that Dye suggested she help herself to donated lingerie.

“’Let’s see what size you are,’ and that’s when he cupped his hands and reached for me,” the 65-year-old woman said in court.

Prosecutors said that the woman complained twice to her supervisor, and Dye was fired after the second complaint.

She told the court that in February 2012, after being fired, he showed up at her home angry because he said his wife kicked him out and he was broke.

“I gave him the $80 hoping he would leave. I wanted him to go,” the woman said.

She said that Dye didn’t leave and instead pinned her down, choked her with a scarf, raped her and tied her up.

“It was long enough for him to do what he wanted to do and for him to cut off my air entirely, and I don’t know how many minutes or seconds I had left,” she said to the jury.

Under cross examination, the defense tried to show inconsistencies between the story the woman gave police and her testimony on the witness stand. The woman said there were many details about the night that she did not remember right away.

“I didn’t even remember that I was strangled until I felt my throat and I was wondering why my throat was so sore, why my neck was so sore. Then it came to me, he was choking me. He was strangling me,” she said.

It was not clear whether Dye would take the stand in his own defense.

In addition to rape, Dye also is charged with aggravated burglary and kidnapping.

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