Alleged Theft Ring Bust Could Be Key To More Than 20 Other Break-Ins


Columbus police said they might be closer to solving more than 20 smash-and-grab crimes and shops around Columbus.

Officers with the Strategic Response Bureau say they arrested four men caught breaking into Nick's Market along East 5th Avenue in east Columbus overnight Wednesday.

Undercover officers told 10TV News that they spotted the men attempting to yank the bars off the doors to the market using a truck and a tow-line.

“They took all the cigarettes, cash register, lottery tickets,” said Erica Owens, an employee at the store who arrived on scene early Thursday.

The men were charged Thursday afternoon. Irvin Hashman, 30, and Curtis Marcum, 30, were charged with breaking and entering. Emerson Frazier, 44, and Robert Beine, 32, were charged with complicity to commit breaking and entering.

Owns, whose sister recently told her she was not safe working at a carryout, said the thieves got away with at least 50 cartons of cigarettes.

“She said, ‘You need to get a job ASAP, because it’s dangerous,’ and now we get robbed,” Owens said.

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