Alleged Misconduct Surfaces in Fired Delaware County Magistrate’s Past


10TV has uncovered new information about a Delaware County magistrate accused of misconduct. Stephen Weithman has served as a magistrate for more than 30 years.

He was recently terminated and his law license could now be in jeopardy. 10TV obtained a copy of the termination letter given to the magistrate. It doesn’t include a reason for the termination and the judge who signed it won’t comment.

Leah Beswick said she worked as magistrate Stephen Weithman’s administrative assistant for three years. She describes her boss as inappropriate and unprofessional. She claims he would refer to women based on their looks: the pretty one, the blonde one and he would refer to men by their last name, as in, Mr. last name.”

Beswick said she submitted a lengthy complaint last year to the judge who appointed Weithman. In it, she alleges Weithman told her and a co-worker that, “You can show me more respect by showing more boobs.”

10TV was not granted access to Weithman’s personnel file on Thursday. Beswick claims the magistrate’s punishment was to apologize. In a separate complaint filed with the state supreme court, it’s alleged Weithman told an attorney he wouldn’t sign for a forensic search of a computer, unless he was given a CD of the intimate photos allegedly contained on that computer. 

Weithman denies the allegation, saying, “I did everything in my power to avoid seeing the pictures, including having them sealed by the court reporter.

Multiple accusations were contained in the complaint before the state court’s discipline board, which has already recommended Weithman’s law license be suspended for six months.  Beswick said, “I’m glad they came forward. I’m glad something is being done, and I’m just sad it took so long.”

10TV spoke to Weithman’s attorney; he said he was never made aware of Beswick’s claims. He also said he will not appeal the board’s license suspension recommendation.