Alleged Burglar Arrested After Being Chased By Alert Neighbor

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Police said that a man arrested in connection with a Grove City break-in could face more charges.

Justin Mackey was arrested on Tuesday thanks to the help of an alert neighbor.
Joe Murphy said that it took him a while to catch his breath after chasing the alleged burglar.

“I ran for quite a ways,” Murphy said. “It was in deep snow in the winter. I was gassed.”

Murphy said that he noticed something was wrong when he saw his neighbor’s windows pulled out of place. Thinking something was wrong, Murphy’s wife called 911. The two watched a stranger walk out of their neighbor’s house.

“My wife observed someone running out of the residence, and I being fleet of foot, chased the guy down,” Murphy said.

The house that was broken into was Tiffany Mostafa’s. She was on vacation at the time of the burglary.

The resident said that the thief was about to get away with a lot of her jewelry before her neighbors stopped him.

“I call them my local heroes, and I sent them a gift when I returned from vacation,” Mostafa said.

Police said that they thought that Mackey could be responsible for other home break-ins, such as one in Hilliard where blood was left at the scene.

Police said that the blood left at the scene was a match to Mackey’s.

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