Alert Homeowner Saves Family From Burning East Columbus Home

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Seven people are now safe after an alert homeowner rushed his family out of a burning home.

Firefighters battled the flames Thursday morning that were shooting from the roof of an east Columbus home.

The fire was sparked around 4:00 Thursday morning on Bide A Wee Park Avenue, near east Livingston and Fairwood Avenues.

The home suffered intense smoke, as well as water damage as fire crews tried to extinguish the flames.

The homeowner says he was alerted to the smell of smoke Wednesday evening.  He called a maintenance crew, but they were unable to address the problem until Thursday.  Out of caution, he says he stayed alert throughout the night and was able to get his family out of the burning home before they were injured.

The homeowner tells 10TV despite the heavy loss, he's grateful he was able to get his five children, girlfriend and his girlfriend's mother out of the home.

Neighbors are quick to add they aren't the only lives that man was looking out for. 

“I was awakened by someone banging on my door and yelling my name,” recalls neighbor Robert Wright.  “He saved his family and mine.”

Wright says the flames shot up high into the air, and even those two blocks away could see the fire.

The Red Cross is now assisting the family in finding a place to stay.