AG's Office Hopes To Catch Criminals With Bait Cars


Authorities are fighting back against a wave of crime this holiday season.

The Attorney General's Office gave 10TV News a first look at several bait cars outfitted with cameras to catch criminals breaking into them.

The vehicles are stationary, and a signal is sent to authorities as soon as a burglar opens the door.

Nearby officers are able to watch the intruders every move from the screen of an iPad or a smart phone.

Car break-ins tend to become more frequent during the holiday season, according to the AG's Office. Authorities hope the bait cars will curb the crime.

"We wire it up and we have people close by," Ohio Attorney General Michael DeWine said. "When they come in and start grabbing those presents, we come in and arrest them."

The state received nearly 20 requests for communities to use the bait cars. They have become an effective tool for prosecutors, since the crimes are caught on camera.

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