Agreement Reached To End Furloughs For Traffic Controllers


As flights took off from Port Columbus outside, passengers inside were grumbling about delays.

Ashley Gruda, flying from Columbus to California, says she is flabbergasted that the government would furlough airport workers.

"Flying is a huge part of people's daily lives with business, with family and everything, said Gruda.  "I don't agree with it.  I think there are other things to cut way ahead of the airline industry."

In Washington, there was a rare bipartisan agreement Friday after enormous pressure from the airline and the flying public.

Congressman Steve Stivers told 10TV that the deal, if signed by the president, would restore furloughed air traffic controllers.

"We've got to do something to fix the delays," said Stivers. "That's a critical mission of the Federal Aviation Administration, and we recognized that today, by passing the law, that will prevent these delays from happening."

Port Columbus officials said security lines were manageable Friday, but that was not the case at larger airports.

Bill Colwin, in Columbus from Long Island, said he was stuck at the airport Thursday for several extra hours.

"I was supposed to land at 9:30 and I got in about a quarter to one," Colwin said. "What frustrates me is that it's just a political thing."

If President Obama signs the bill, the Department of Transportation will be able to use unspent funds to cover workers who began a mandatory furlough earlier this week.

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