Agents Concerned Over Cases of Alleged Animal Neglect


Officials in Union County are involved in multiple animal abuse investigations.

The Union County Humane Society director, Steffen Baldwin, with the assistance of the Union County Dog Warden and the Union County Sheriff, served a warrant and seized two abandoned dogs in Richwood Friday night.

Agents said they have rescued three abandoned dogs since January.

For comparison, in 2012, the county seized three dogs from animal cruelty investigations during the entire year.

Kyser, a pit bull mix, and Sadie, a hound mix, were discovered in a filthy home with little food, no water and covered in feces. Humane agents say they were abandoned by their owner who is facing prosecution.

"There was a large bucket where they would dump food in and periodically come back every week or so," said Baldwin, "But one of the dogs did not have access to that food and was locked in its own room,”

Another mixed breed, named Odette, was rescued from a home in Richwood in January.

"She was visibly emaciated and near death" Baldwin said.

Baldwin said Odette's owner and the owner of Kyser and Sadie, face abandonment and cruelty to animals charges.

He said he's thankful for the people who called to report the abuse.

"They have no voice, we have to be their voice so people have to be willing to stand up and say this isn't right and report it and let us do our job," Baldwin said.