AG Office: Dann Has Not Resigned

Attorney General Marc Dann has not resigned despite published reports that said his resignation was imminent, according to a two-paragraph statement released on Tuesday afternoon.
The release from the Ohio Attorney General's office said no further announcements were planned, 10TV News reported.
The release was issued after The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Dann would step down on Tuesday afternoon.

10TV News confirmed that Dann requested a meeting with Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher on Tuesday afternoon. Fisher's office would not comment on what transpired during the meeting.
However, 10TV News learned that Dann met with Fisher to reportedly negotiate conditions of his resignation, 10 Investigates’ Paul Aker reported.
Dann wants no further prosecution and another job but sources said Fisher refused both conditions, Aker reported.
The report of Dann's resignation came on the same day that Ohio House Democrats moved to impeach the embattled attorney general, and lawmakers approved a bill giving the Inspector General authority to conduct another investigation of Dann's office.
Democrats filed articles of impeachment against Dann on Tuesday morning. The resolution was sponsored by 42 of 45 House Democrats.
Democrats said they drafted the charges based on sworn testimony obtained during an internal investigation into sexual harassment claims made against a former attorney general aide, as well as other statements.
The charges alleged that Dann willfully and intentionally issued misleading statements under oath and committed acts of gross immorality and knew or should have known that his personal conduct undermined the effectiveness and efficiency of the office. 
Dann was also accused of obstructing the investigation into the sexual harassment claims.
Other charges included:
  • Nonfeasance and Gross Neglect of Duty: Neglected to perform the official duties of his office and, by his own admission, was not competent or qualified to execute the duties of the office of Attorney General
  • Nonfeasance and Neglect: Failed to exercise due care in the administration of the office because he knew or should have known his personal conduct contributed to and allowed the creation of a hostile work environment
  • Nonfeasance and Neglect: Failed to exercise due care to ensure the safety and security of state property
  • Nonfeasance and Neglect: Failed to investigate and prohibit improper use of state property
  • Nonfeasance and Neglect: Knew or should have known of the misuse of state property for personal business
  • Gross Neglect of Duty: Committed acts of gross neglect of duty by undermining the integrity of his office; bringing disrepute upon the office; betraying the public trust as Ohio's chief law enforcement officer; undermining the effectiveness and efficiency of the office
The impeachment articles must get Republican support in order to send the charges to the Senate for a trial.
The move by Democrats came after an internal investigation led to the ousting of three of Dann's top aides on May 2, 10TV News reported.
Two female staffers claimed that Dann's general services director, Anthony Gutierrez, pressured them to have sex with him.
Gutierrez and Leo Jennings III, Dann's communications chief, were terminated in light of the investigation's findings.
Ed Simpson, who served as chief of policy and administration, offered his resignation the night before the findings were made public, 10TV News reported.
Dann came under more criticism when he admitted an affair with an office employee.
State Democrats, including Gov. Ted Strickland, called for Dann to resign immediately, or face impeachment.
In a memo to his office staff, Dann acknowledged the request, but gave no indication that he would resign.
This past weekend, the Ohio Democratic Party executive committee stripped Dann of their 2006 endorsement, 10TV News reported.
The resolution essentially left Dann without any support from his political party.
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