Adopting Couples Say Woman Faked Pregnancy


A central Ohio couple is trying to process how they were duped in an adoption hoax by a Newark woman.

10TV is not naming that woman.  She has not been charged with any crimes because she did not accept any money.

But the Clark family of Hilliard says she is ruining lives with her fake pregnancy game.

Now they are trying to warn others.

Kevin and Becky Clark are the proud parents of 3-month-old Lily.

The couple adopted the little girl in May, almost four months after experiencing what they thought was a tragic loss.

"It's like the air was just taken out of you," Kevin Clark said.

The couple says they had been duped by the Newark woman.

They say the woman had contacted them through their Facebook page to see if they were still looking to adopt.

"She said she was due in May," Becky Clark said.

The Clarks said "yes" and began to develop a strong bond with the woman.

"She wanted us to cut the umbilical cord," Becky Clark said. "She wanted me to go to a C-section with her if she needed to. We even talked about how she would hand me the baby for the first time."

But that woman would end up telling the Clarks that the baby had died in her womb.

It's a story the Hall family of South Carolina claims the woman also told them.

Both families would discover the pregnancy was fake.

"It's so unfortunate," said Tommy Taneff, an adoption attorney based in Columbus.

Taneff urges people seeking adoption to make sure an attorney or adoption agency is in contact with the birth mother from the very beginning.

"You need some professional that's working with you that's not going to be emotionally involved in your particular adoption so that he or she can protect you from yourself sometimes," he said.

The Clarks agree.

They want other people to avoid the pain they say this woman caused them.