Adena Bus Driver On Paid Leave After Forgetting Student On Bus

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A school bus driver is off the job after a mom said he not only left her child on the bus, but the driver then took the child back to their house. 
The mother reached out to 10TV legitimately upset. She said her 5-year-old son was supposed to be dropped off for his third day of kindergarten, but that didn't happen and she doesn't know why.

Amy Wilburn said on Friday she received news that was horrifying to hear.  “I received a phone call a little bit after one saying my child was missing.”  She said the superintendent with Adena Local Schools told her that her son fell asleep on the bus and didn't get off with the other children. 

“I said, ‘where is he now?’ and he said he is in his classroom.  I asked, ‘how long, when did he find him, what was going on?’ and he started going on about how good of a person the bus driver was,” Wilburn recalls.

Superintendent Pete Ruby said he was notified by the transportation supervisor around 9:30 Friday morning that a bus driver, who typically takes the bus home between route,  found the child onboard.  Ruby said he was told the driver realized it as soon as they pulled in the driveway.  Ruby said the driver tried to calm the child and told him he would get him back to school.

Those are details Amy Wilburn said she didn't find out until after she started asking her son.  “He just said, ‘I just went to the bus driver's house and they gave me water and fish candy’.”

Wilburn, who was shaken from the ordeal, said she doesn't want the driver to lose their job, but does want to know exactly what happened and make sure it doesn't happen again. 

Wilburn did file a police report after she said the superintendent yelled at her during a follow- up conversation.  However, Ruby denies yelling at Wilburn.

Ruby adds that there is video from inside the bus, he said he's invited Amy to watch that video. 

Ruby said all bus drivers are instructed to check their bus before they leave the lot, and in this case, that did not happen.