Additional Allegations Of Misconduct At Columbus Firehouse

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An investigation finds a Columbus Firefighter used city time and city property for sex but his actions aren't the only ones being called into question.

This started with firefighter Marc Cain and his year and a half-long affair with a woman starting when she was 18.

It went from a private matter to a public concern because he allegedly did it on the job, on city property.

But another firefighter says despite the openness and brazenness of Cain's actions, he wasn't the only one at the firehouse showing questionable judgment.

10TV was there in September when Columbus firefighter Marc Cain was honored for lifesaving heroism.

The words now being used to describe Cain are "dishonest," "insubordinate," and "unprofessional".

Those are the findings of a six-month investigation of Cain's conduct on the job on city property and on city time.

The investigation found that Cain had sex many times at Station 17 starting in September 2011 and continuing until March of this year.

The investigation found Cain allowed her to ride along on medic and rescue runs "even though she did not meet the criteria," an activity that continued after Cain was told "she was longer allowed to ride Division vehicles".

Even after the investigation was underway and Cain was ordered to have no contact with her, the investigation found he violated that order by contacting the woman and sending her a picture of his genitals.

But according to new documents obtained by 10tv, one firefighter claims Cain wasn't the only one violating rules of professional conduct at Station 17.

In his words: "The Chief was doing it…it's accepted behavior."

The firefighter told investigators a female firefighter spent a great deal of time with the Battalion Chief at the time.

"Behind closed doors and with the doors open," he said. "That would include her bedroom....she was in his bedroom on multiple occasions."     

He compared it to the behavior he witnessed with Cain.

He said, "You cannot go after Firefighter Cain without discussing this Chief ****** situation because they are identical."

He said while at while at no time did he witness sexual contact, "it wasn't normal."

"He's the highest-ranking person at the Station," he told investigators. "It was brought to his attention on multiple times that it was inappropriate. We felt it was inappropriate."

But he said nothing changed, "Ultimately if we did say or do anything there was always a retaliatory action."

The Battalion Chief in question has since been transferred from Station 17.

The findings of the investigation into Marc Cain have been delivered to Columbus Fire Chief Greg Paxton, who will decide whether these findings stand, and what discipline he might receive.

Chief Paxton declined 10tv's request for comment.

We were not able to reach Marc Cain.

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