Active Aggressor Videos Help Provide Ideas For Escape Plans

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Central Ohio first responders have created a series of videos to help you have a plan, and stay alive, if your school or workplace becomes a target from an active aggressor.

The tragic aftermath of violent active aggressor attacks have repeatedly unfolded before us, and yet first responders say most people still don't have a plan.

“They see these incidents, but they think it can't happen here, it can't happen to us.  But we've seen time and time again it can happen anywhere,” said Lt. Paul Ohl, Columbus SWAT.

First responders have teamed up with countless schools and corporations for emergency response drills. Now, they've come up with a way to make sure everyone knows what to do before an attacker shows up.

A series of videos, available to school districts, hospitals, and corporations; are now available to help people plan for the unthinkable.

Ohl says nearly everyone has a fire escape plan and a tornado plan. That’s not the case for an active aggressor.

“There may be one out of 100 people that raise their hand,” explained Ohl.

The goal of the videos is to convince people to start thinking about a strategy from building security, to lighting, cameras, and even things like bushes outside of the building. Officials should look at the outside décor to see if it provides possible escape routes or places to hide.

“One of the biggest concepts to take away from this is ‘What is my plan?’  I know what the police are going to do, I know what fire is going to do, how am I going to respond,” said Capt. Steve Saltsman, Columbus Bomb Squad.

First responders say the videos help people plan and encourages them to practice that plan.

“In order for people to learn, they have to jump out of that box, step out of that box, and then they'll become more comfortable with the reaction plan,” said Saltsman.

They encourage everyone to plan for an unfathomable threat, a notion that seems so incredibly far-fetched, until it happens.

First responders are careful not to let the information fall into the wrong hands.