AAA Offers Advice For De-Icing Your Car

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For many central Ohio drivers, just getting into their car was a challenge on Tuesday.

With more freezing rain in the forecast, auto club AAA Ohio said some simple tips could help get you on your way, 10TV's Joanna Freeman reported.

Experts recommend drivers who park outside get a tarp, or something that covers doors, windows and locks, so they are less likely to be covered by ice.

Lock de-icer can help unseal a frozen lock. AAA spokesman Bill Linsenmayer cautioned drivers not to believe an old wives' tale.

"Do not use water," Linsenmayer said. "If you use water that is extremely temporary; you can cause some problems."

For wipers, experts recommend you lift them off of the windshield to prevent them from freezing to the glass.

During de-icing, do not turn your wipers on until you are ready to leave.

"Do not turn the wiper motor on because it will burn up the wiper transmission or the motor itself," Linsenmayer said. "You need to make sure that all your windows are clear before you get going."

Officials said if your entire car door is covered with ice, then you should gently tap around the door frame with your scraper until you can break that seal of ice to get into your car.

They also recommend keeping an ice scraper in your car and indoors, so it is not frozen inside your car when you need it most.

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