AAA Crews Take To The Roads To Help Drivers

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Salt trucks tried to stay one step ahead of the snow and keep the roads safe for everyone trying to make it home.

But experienced AAA drivers say it's going to be a long night.

“It'll be non-stop.This kind of weather here, it's going to be one after the other,” said one AAA worker.

AAA says drivers are already responding to spin outs and accidents, many of which could be avoided if drivers gave each other more warning.

“The biggest thing we see is people not using their turn signals. We see a lot of little fender benders. Use your turn signal, let 'em know you're trying to get over."

If you don't want a guy hooking your car to a tow truck, AAA says slow down and be patient.

Drivers should also make sure to scrape their vehicles to clear their windshields.

“They've got a little peephole. Scrapers are what, a dollar - a couple dollars?”

AAA says it anticipates taking about 2,000 calls for service by midnight, nearly double the daily average.