92-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Assaulted At Worthington Library


Worthington police say a 92-year-old woman was the victim of an attack.

It happened at one of the most unusual and unsuspecting places: the public library.

The victim says no words were exchanged with her alleged attacker.

Jeanne Campbell says one moment she was checking out a book and the next moment she was on the ground. She says she was bleeding badly and in pain.

"Oh my face was terrible. My face was…oh, this was all bruised," said Campbell.

At 92 years old, Campbell says she's lived through a lot, but this was something she says she never expected.

"I turned to check out and that's when this screaming and yelling, and she just threw me on the floor," said Campbell.

A trip to her local Worthington library, turned dangerous.

"The next thing I knew, I was on the ground crying, and shaking because she kept punching me. It really hurt after that," said Campbell.

Her bruises are starting to heal and her love for reading is strong as ever.

"I've got 7 books on reserve, so I'm up there at least once or twice a week," said Campbell. "It just happened so fast, I was just shocked by it all, to think that somebody could beat you up in the library like that."

Moments after the alleged assault, Worthington police arrested 40-year-old Amal Hassan. Responding officers say she had a folding knife concealed in her purse. According to the report, Hassan told police "she had a mental illness and takes medication."

10TV tried to reach Hassan, but no one answer.

Meantime, Campbell says she is still going to the library. She is just being more cautious. The 92-year-old says she still wants to know why she was hit.

Following the incident, the Worthington Library spokesperson responded with the following statement:  "We had not seen the suspect at the library before. We are not doing anything to change policy, but will continue to respond appropriately to any and all incidents where patron safety is in question. That's our top priority."

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