911 Calls Shed Light On Events Leading To Deadly Police Shooting


Police said they were reviewing 911 calls made just before a fatal officer-involved shooting.

Officers shot John Kaufmann to death inside a Beulah Road home Monday evening.

Police said that they responded to the home after they received two separate 911 calls about an incident at the residence.

Authorities looking through a window said they observed Kaufmann holding a gun to the other man.

Investigators entered the home and demanded that he drop the weapon, before firing multiple shots.

Police identified the officer involved as Bryan Mason, a six-year veteran of the force.

Calls to police from that evening revealed new information about the moments before Kaufmann was shot.

“Yeah, I need someone removed from my home,” a caller, who identified himself as John Kaufmann, said.

Kaufmann told the 911 dispatcher that the person was invited, but refused to leave.

“I got a 9 mm in my pocket,” Kaufmann told the dispatcher. “If he don’t leave I am going to shoot.”

The dispatcher is heard attempting to get Kaufmann to put the gun down.

“Put the gun away you idiot,” the dispatcher said, to which the caller responded, “no.”

“We’ll be there to keep you from shooting somebody and going to jail. How about that?” the dispatcher said.

“Yeah, that would be very nice,” the caller responded. The phone call ended a short time later.

Minutes later, another call came to 911 dispatchers, from a man claiming a gun was being pointed at his face.

The man remained on the line when police arrived. Officers said that Kaufmann was holding the gun to the man, and refused to put it down when they instructed him.

WBNS-10TV questioned police about the dispatcher’s tone when interacting with Kaufmann.

Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner said that police would review the call and speak with dispatchers. He also cautioned context is key in a very tense situation such as this one.

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