911 Call Reveals New Details In Madison Township Murder


Police say a man stabbed his mother to death and he may have openly admitted to it.

Police say the investigation is uncovering one tragic detail after another.  They tell 10TV the man charged with murdering his mother suffered a history of mental illness.

32-year old Gary Ritter has not confessed to stabbing his mother, but he did tell a 911 dispatcher that he "flipped."

10TV has learned this is not the first time police say Gary Ritter has flipped.

Court records show that last October, sheriff's deputies arrested Ritter after they say he repeatedly hit a deputy who was trying to stop Ritter from walking in the road.  He was charged with assaulting a peace officer.

10TV has obtained the 911 call made by Ritter as he attempts, in a shaking voice, to explain what has just happened:

Ritter: My mom's been riding me and riding me and riding me and I just flipped.  I can't take it.  She won't leave me alone.

Dispatcher:  You said you need police and medics.   Did you assault her?

Ritter:  No, she, uh, I flipped on her.  Yeah I assaulted her. 

Dispatcher:  Ok, you did hit your mom? 

Caller:  I did more than that. 

Dispatcher:  What did you do? 

Caller:  Just bring them here.

Dispatcher:  What did you do?!

Caller:  I won't be armed or anything. 

Dispatcher:  What did you do to your mother? 

Caller:  I won't be armed or anything.  Bye. 

Police say inside the home they found 58-year old Mary Jo Ritter stabbed to death. 

Investigators say her son went quietly with police, but refused to talk to detectives. 

Ritter is behind bars charged with murder, and he's scheduled to face a judge in the morning.

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