8 Months Later, No One Charged In Grandview Heights Murder

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Friends say they hope police make an arrest soon in the murder of Jennifer Cooke.

Nearly eight months have passed since police found the 35-year old stabbed to death in an upstairs bedroom of her Grandview Heights home.

Investigators say Cooke's ex-husband is still considered a person of interest in the murder investigation.  10TV spoke at length with him Wednesday afternoon, and with one of the victim's best friends who is waiting for answers

Friends say the murder of Jennifer Cooke was nothing less than surreal.

"My world was turned upside down,” said Jennifer Stelling.

Stelling says to this day it's still impossible to fathom who would want to hurt Cooke or why?  She describes her friend as a devoted mother who doted on her ten year old daughter, and everyone else for that matter.  

“If you had to describe her in one word, it's selfless.”

Friends say when Cooke was always the first person to hand a dollar to the homeless or to sign up for a charity walk. She cared so much about the environment she refused to buy paper products.

But on August 11, police found Cooke's body in an upstairs bedroom of her home Woodhill Drive in Grandview Heights.  The coroner's report revealed she's been stabbed several times.  

Police say Cooke's ex-husband is still considered a person of interest in the case, but nine months after the murder, no charges have been filed.  

Friends believe Cooke would also want her killer brought to justice, not for vindication, but because she cared so much about other people.

“She would want this to never happen to anyone else.”

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