75-Year-Old Cyclist Sets Off On Charity Ride

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A 75-year-old man is heading out on his bike down the Dixie Highway, all to make money for charity.

Gary Heiman from West Jefferson began this trek four years ago when his wife Barb Heiman, who works at the OSU Huntington's Disease Center of Excellence, told him about the fundraiser.

"One day Barbara said to me, you know there are these two gals that have been biking all over the country to raise money for Huntington's, and would I consider doing it. And I said - why not? I can do this,” said Gary Heiman.

Heiman is headed towards Michigan where he will join other cyclist for a bike ride down Dixie Highway to Louisville, Kentucky.

The cyclists will sleep in churches and private homes along the way.

The goal of the cyclists is to raise money and awareness for Huntington's Disease, a three-part progressive genetic illness.

"It's a cognitive disorder, an emotional disorder; it's a physical disorder” said Barb.

Heiman says that he does not mind the frequently asked question, “You’re 75 and you’re going to do it again?”

“As long as the legs will keep turning the pedal, sure, I’ll continue to do it.”

The handful of cyclist have raised half a million dollars for Huntington’s Disease research in the past 16 years.