73-year-old Man Hit By Car While Checking Mail


Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers are searching for the driver of a car who hit a man while he was outside checking his mail.

Troopers say the driver struck 73-year-old Ed Behanna on True Hollow Road and did not stop.

Troopers say Behanna was rushed to Adena Regional Medical Center in Chillicothe with possible broken ribs, injuries to his right foot, and cuts to his head that needed stitches.

"I looked outside cause it was warm and sunny and I noticed there was a sheriff's car, a highway patrol, two ambulances," said Behanna's neighbor, Terry Kleban.

Terry and Jodi Kleban say this is a sight they never expected to see near their home.

They quickly found out their neighbor was struck by a car.

"It could have been really bad," said Terry Kleban.

They say Behanna's wife told them her husband, Ed, was checking his mail when a car knocked him off his four-wheeler.

"It could have been any of us getting out and getting our mail. Our mail boxes are almost side by side down there. It could have been anyone," said Jodi Kleban.

"I go out there to check the mail sometimes on my four-wheeler and I've never even thought about somebody hitting me, but you can bet now I'll think twice about that. It's shocking really," said Terry Kleban.

Troopers spent hours collecting evidence. They say the driver didn't stop and Behanna did not get a good description of the vehicle.

"I mean, I don't see how somebody could do that to somebody," said Terry Kleban.   

Behanna is expected to recover.  

Troopers say they are trying to identify the driver and the car, but say they are struggling since they do not know of any surveillance video in the area.

Call the Ohio State Highway Patrol if you have information on this crash.