7 Men Arrested In Sex Sting At Alum Creek

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The sheriff says the cases of public indecency happened in broad daylight.

Men parking their cars in parking lots, and exposing themselves to undercover deputies.

Cris Amato came to Alum Creek Beach expecting to enjoy a warm summer day with her three children.

What she didn't expect was to hear this park was the scene of an undercover sting to catch people committing criminal sex acts.

"I'm very surprised I didn't know that," she says.
According to this sheriff's report, the suspect approached the victim (the undercover deputy) at a park on Hogback Road and grabbed the deputies crotch with the intent to engage in sexual contact.
"They were approached and solicited for sexual activity.... No money exchanged," says Delaware County Sheriff, Russell Martin.

Seven men were charged with public indecency in parks such as Alum Creek Lewis Center Road, Alum Creek Kilbourne Road access and Alum Creek Beach at 3400 Lewis Center Road.

10TV went to the home of one of the suspects, but no one answered the door.

The sheriff says deputies witnessed the crimes in broad daylight in the parking lot and near the woods.
This is Becky Lee's first time to the Alum Creek Beach with her husband and two boys.

"It's pretty disturbing. I definitely wouldn't leave these guys unattended," she says.
As disturbing as the crimes are, she says she's glad the sheriff's department is paying attention this kind of behavior.

"The more that they can make our recreation places park and beaches more safer more people will come out."

"I'm surprised that it happened here in a public place," added Amato.

This self-described over protective mom says public indecency in the parks makes her want to keep an even closer watch over her kids.

"My kids don't go anywhere by themselves."