6-Year-Old Dropped Off Alone At Wrong Bus Stop


A woman said that her 6-year-old nephew was dropped off alone at the wrong bus stop nearly four miles from his home.

April Johnson said that she called the Columbus City Schools’ transportation department after her nephew never showed up after school on Wednesday.

“He never got off any bus that showed up at his stop,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that she received a call back from someone with the school district who said that her nephew was dropped off at a different location along Brice Road.

“’We got a phone call from a lady who lives in Brice Meadows, and she had your son. You can go pick him up,’” Johnson said.

The boy was supposed to be dropped off along Chantry Drive but instead was dropped off at an apartment complex on Brice Road.

Johnson said that her nephew and sister used to live at the Brice Road apartment complex, and a woman there saw the boy by himself.

“So, she held on to him, and when she saw, ‘OK, I have this kid and no one is here to get him,’ she went and called the school,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that she was thankful for the stranger and said that the district needed to be held responsible.

“No one took responsibility to say, ‘I’m sorry,’” Johnson said.

The 6-year-old’s mother told 10TV News that she used to live in the Brice Road complex but updated her address with the district in June and checked again two weeks ago.

Columbus City Schools officials said that they recognized there was an error but also said that the child lost his wrist band, which is used as a second measure to make sure students get on the right bus.

The wrist bands are given to students in the first few weeks of school to ensure they board the right bus.

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