6 People Arrested In Theft Ring, Accused Of Taking Everything From Classic Cars To Cleaning Supplies


The thefts involved everything from cars to cleaning supplies.

They’ve been occurring since July in Champaign, Madison, Franklin, Delaware, Licking, and Hocking Counties.

Luther Henson was one victim, who tells us he was very attached to his classic cars, a 1964 Chevy Impala Super Sport and 1969 Chevelle Super Sport.

The cars were stolen, while Henson and his wife were gone from their home one day back in May.

“I was really sad, for the fact that my cars were missing. I couldn't believe that this was really happening to me,” said Henson.

Henson was among dozens of victims across central Ohio, who had their property stolen by just a handful of people.

“They are targeting individuals, companies, businesses, and you know, the economic impact of this stuff was great,” said Sgt. Glenn Branam with the Columbus Police Department.

Detectives said the investigation began with a spike in stolen tires and rims.

“Tires and rims were being stolen off of brand new vehicles, and the brand new vehicles were being put up on blocks,” said Branam.

At around the same time, several cars were stolen.

“There had been $300,000 worth of stuff stolen in the first three weeks,” he added.

They soon found much more was missing.

The items included cleaning supplies, construction equipment including a bob cat and excavator, along with trailers.

Officers started tracking Dennis Blake; his father, Donald Blake; and Joshua Predmore. They soon exposed a theft ring.

The ring was tied to a September raid in Hocking County, where police said Joey Fisher was holding the stolen property.

“Just an enormous amount of property, just strewn out everywhere, the excavator was actually hidden in the woods with a (camouflaged) tarp, but we were able to find it, thank goodness,” added Branam.

A month later, thousands of dollars worth of stolen cleaning equipment was recovered from a Short North pawn shop.

Police said that it was taken there by Ruth Martin, who is Donald Blake's fiancée.

As for the stolen tires and rims, detectives said Robert Nichols, was re-selling them from his auto shop on Innis road.

“You know, a lot of the property was returned, of course, a lot of the property's gone. We'll probably never see it, but you know, we were glad to return what we could and that was a success,” said Brenam.

All six people have been arrested, the latest one on Thursday.

All of them face a variety of charges including, receiving stolen property, breaking and entering, and theft.

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