6 Month Old Treated For Burns, Broken Bones In Possible Abuse Case

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Police are investigating a case of possible child abuse that landed a baby in the hospital with burns and broken bones.

Officers in Mount Vernon in Knox County responded to a home on Taylor Road last Friday night.

That's where they found a 6-month-old boy badly injured.

The baby is now in Columbus at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

“I broke down, I was sitting in my kitchen and I dropped my phone and I was crying - it was horrible," said Zachary Hammons, the boy’s father.

He was hundreds of miles away - on active duty with the U.S. Army in Fort Hood, Texas, when he got the call about his son, Hunter. Within hours, he was by Hunter’s side in Columbus.

"He's got a third degree burn that is bone-deep on his leg," Hammons said.

Hunter's Mom, Lora Miller, discovered the burn when she returned to her Mt. Vernon home Friday night. Her baby had been in someone else's care.

"I looked at my son's leg, and it was hard for me to breathe,” she said. “I couldn't see straight.  I held him close to me, and I hit the ground."

Once at the hospital, doctors discovered more injuries.

"He has a fractured tibia in his right leg, and two ribs in his left side are fractured that are at least ten days old," Hammons added.

The boy's parents say the injuries are no accident, and they believe they know who is responsible.  

10TV is not naming that person because he has not been charged and no one is in custody.

The only thing police are telling 10TV is that the investigation continues.

"I am extremely, extremely angry and mad," Hammonds said.

Both parents just want to get to the bottom of what happened, and they want justice for their son.

“He's got a blister on the back of his head, obviously (the person) tried to burn his head too,” said Miller.  “I don't know what he was thinking, I don't know what he was doing. No six-month-old baby deserves to be in the hospital with third degree burns on his leg, with the risk of losing his leg."

She added, "It's just not right - I don't know how any human in their right mind can do that to a baby."

Hammons says it's been touch and go for the past few days.

The family was worried about the lack of blood circulation to the foot.

Hammons told 10TV Monday afternoon that after a number of surgeries, doctors were able to save Hunter’s leg.