45,000 pounds of sugar piled up in Times Square


People in New York stopped to take pictures of 45,485 pounds of sugar stacked up in Times Square.

The sugar display carried a message.

Snack Company KIND saw the sugar display as a way to start a conversation about how much added sugar children eat and drink every 5 minutes.

KIND estimates the average 9-year-old eats his or her weight in sugar each year.

“Children are eating on average 80 grams of added sugar per day, which is three times the recommended limit set by the American Heart Association which is 25 grams. And, over the course of the year that adds up to 64 pounds which is the average weight of a 9-year-old,” Stephanie Perruzza, Registered Dietitian and Health and Wellness Specialist at KIND, said.

KIND handed out healthy fruit snacks to parents and children who came to see the display.