42 Drug Warrants Executed As Part Of Franklin County Sheriff's Office Operation

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The Franklin County Sheriff's Office Fugitive Squad and the Special Investigations Unit executed search warrants for 42 people on Thursday as part of an operation to serve arrest warrants for drug crimes.

According to the sheriff's office, undercover investigators from the SIU have continued to identify people who possess or distribute illegal drugs.

Eleven people were arrested on Thursday.

The people were identified through direct hand-to-hand drug buys, the use of informants and surveillance.

Illegal substances sold in connection with the arrest warrants included marijuana, cocaine, heroin, oxycodone and bath salts.

Warrants and charges were executed for the following people:

James H. Montgomery, 59, drug possession
Anthony Dawson, 41, drug trafficking
Chedale J. Lancaster, 32, drug trafficking
Tara N. Myers, 20, drug trafficking
Joshua R. Horn, 20, cultivating marijuana
Michelle M. Horn, 40, cultivating marijuana
Scott K. McCarthy, 25, cultivating marijuana
Xuegong Chen, 25, cultivating marijuana
John B. Williamson, 50, drug possession
Cary K. Crawford, 42, drug possession
Steven F. Paver, 24, drug trafficking
Cheryl S. Mustard, 53, misuse of credit cards
Charisma C. Weilbacher, 26, drug trafficking
Donald V. Rumer, 35, drug trafficking
Kelly Muncy, 28, drug possession
William, C. Mullins, 28, drug possession
Darlene R. Tyree, 52, drug trafficking
Lymon J. Tate, drug trafficking
Monique R. Tyree, drug trafficking
Darla M. Sharp, 26, drug trafficking
Keith W. Dobbins, Jr., 30, drug trafficking
Heather Browning, 36, drug trafficking
Edreese A. Mustafa, 29, drug trafficking
Mohammad A. Mustafa, 32, drug trafficking
Anton McSwain, 40, drug trafficking
Linda J. Daniels, 40, drug trafficking
Connie S. Daniels, 47, drug trafficking
Curtis T. Peoples, 41, drug trafficking
Sabrina J. Gaskins, 34, drug trafficking
Curtis T. Page, 37, drug trafficking
Shannon M. Miller, 39, drug possession
Christin D. Wade, 38, conveyance of drugs
Elizabeth A. DiMcNeal, 24, drug trafficking
Kelly L. Keelin. 25, drug trafficking
Georaira V. Williams, 23, drug possession
Adrian L. Riley, drug trafficking
Eric L.H. Zschach, 30, drug trafficking
James S. Woods, 33, drug trafficking
Phillip Salmons, 44, drug trafficking
David L. Morrow III, 27, drug trafficking
Antone D. Leftwich, 27, drug possession
James R. Smooth Jr., 25, drug possession

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