32 Arrested For Drug Crimes In Marion As Part Of 'Operation Revolving Door'

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Forty-six people have been indicted in connection with alleged drug crimes in Marion County.

Thirty-two of the 46 were arrested on Tuesday as part of "Operation Revolving Door."

The operation was a joint operation between about 30 members of the MARMET Drug Task Force, the Marion Police Department and the Marion Sheriff's Office.

Officials said that "Operation Revolving Door" was a major roundup of drug traffickers.

Since Jan. 1, investigators made controlled drug purchases from those suspects that were arrested on Tuesday. They purchased heroin, crack and prescription medication.

In a community plagued by both drugs and budget cuts, voters last year passed a levy to bring back laid-off officers.

"It allowed us to go after a lot of the mid and street-level dealers which we really couldn't concentrate on before because we just didn't have the staff,” says Major Bill Collins, Commander of the MARMET Drug Task Force.

Collins says Tuesday’s sweep will put a dent, however temporary, in Marion's drug trade.

"Today is certainly a first step in the right direction."

Those still wanted are:
Jessica Binau
Jeremiah Bonsel
Dan Bowleg
Eli Brown
Darryl Dixon
Anne Herr
Kevin Jackson
Terry Layne Jr.
Derek Maxie
Sean Rogers
Lance Ross
Jeffrey Tiller Jr.
Richard Gregory

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