3 Teens Robbed, Attacked For Cell Phones At Blendon Township Park


Three teens were attacked in a Blendon Township park, and detectives said the thieves were after the boys’ cellphones.

Cody Wolfe said he visits Ridgewood Park with his daughter at least once a week.

Although the park is quiet and serene, he said the news of a robbery isn't shocking.

“It doesn't surprise me. It's too bad it happened to younger kids, but it doesn't surprise me, especially looking at some of the crowds that hang out in this park,” Wolfe said.

Blendon Township detectives said three teenage boys were waiting for a ride in the park parking lot about 11 p.m. Saturday. That’s when they said they were attacked by a group of men between 18 and 20.

According to the police report, the thieves were after their cellphones.   

“One of the kids had a passcode on his phone, so the suspects beat him up, beat the passcode out of him,” Blendon Township detective Tammy Phillips said.

Detectives said the teen who was beaten suffered minor scrapes and bruises.

Phillips said the teens, ages 14 and 15, handed over their phones, but the suspects weren't finished.  

“They also made one of the kids take off his shorts, shoes and socks, and he took the clothes with him,” Phillips said.

Detectives said they believe this is an isolated incident, and the suspects saw the victims as easy targets.

Wolfe said that while the robbery is unfortunate, it won't keep him and his daughter from the park.
Detectives are working with the victims to develop a description of the suspects.

Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call Blendon Township police at 614-882-8500.

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