3 South-Western City Schools Athletic Directors Forced To Repay Nearly $7,000


Questionable expenditures made with outside athletic bank accounts led to nearly $7,000 in findings for recovery issued in an audit of the South-Western City School District.

According to a release issued by the Ohio Auditor's Office, three South-Western Schools athletic directors maintained outside bank accounts for various operating expenditures, which violated the district's policies.

The athletic directors did not maintain the adequate documentation to prove that the expenditures were for proper public purposes, according to the audit.

"We've seen this before - outside athletic bank accounts continue to cause problems," said Auditor Dave Yost. "Not only do these particular accounts violate district policy, they call into question whether the public's money is being
handled properly."

A release from the auditor's office stated that expenditures for $6,959 could not be verified.

Central Crossing Athletic Director Dennis Dew was ordered to repay $5,754, and Westland High School Athletic Director Greg Burke was asked to repay $1,000.

The Grove City High School Athletic Director Ron Hutcheson was asked to repay $205, and it was paid in full on March 20.

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