3 Men Charged In Plan To Sell 9,000 Packages Of Bath Salts


Three men are being accused by federal officials of having 9,000 packages of bath salts with the intent to sell them.  Nadal Aburokbeh, Ali Almigdad and Hathan Almigdad made initial appearances in federal court on Tuesday.

Agents said that they arrested the three in a parking lot along Sawmill Road, just north of Interstate 270, on Monday evening.

Agents said that they were arrested after a shopping bag full of bath salts was handed off.

Agents also searched Aburokbeh Aburokbeh's northwest Columbus home and found items consistent with the manufacturing of bath salts including cutting agents, labels, a heat sealer, large cans of Vitamin C and several thousand new and used bath salt packages.

Authorities said that they believed the men were going to sell the bath salts in exchange for $80,000 and 5,000 units of synthetic marijuana.  Stay with 10TV News and 10tv.com for the latest news.