3 Heat-Related Deaths Reported In Licking County


Two women and one man were found dead in homes without power this week.

The Licking County Coroner's Office confirmed that the deaths were heat related and made pre-existing chronic health problems worse, 10TV's Jason Frazer reported.

Residents in Licking County said the temperatures were starting to affect them.

"I'm getting cramps in my legs and I don't feel good; I don't feel like eating," Stephanie Davis said. "The hottest it's been is 99 degrees but that's as high as our thermostat will go so it could have been hotter."

Officials said that those who died were in their 60s to 80s.

Two neighbors said they tried to help out a man who died from the heat.

"I put all of his windows up. We all tried to help," neighbor Linda Coss said.

"If you know of an elderly person that is living by themselves, especially if they don't have a fan or air, take them with you," neighbor Anthony Tolliver said.

The coroner said that each person was dead for at least one day when they were found. The man who died was found on Monday by a health care worker.

The two women were found on Tuesday by neighbors.

All three people had heart disease, and one of the people who died had respiratory problems.

The names of those who died were not immediately released.

American Electric Power said they were working as fast as they could, and hoped to have power fully restored by Sunday.

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