20 Years Ago: OJ Simpson Bronco Chase Captured Nation's Attention

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Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of the infamous slow-speed chase of O.J. Simpson through the streets of Los Angeles.

The video of the white Bronco was broadcast coast-to-coast and many people sat and watched everything unfold on television.

Millions of Americans tuned in as the football-great Simpson avoided turning himself in as a suspect in his ex-wife's murder, Nicole Brown Simpson. He was also charged in the murder of her friend, Ronald Goldman. After arriving back at his home, he turned himself in.

What came to be known as the Trial of the Century began with opening statements on Jan. 24, 1995. 

It was a dramatic televised trial, and Simpson was eventually acquitted of the murders in October. He was then found liable in a civil lawsuit.

Simpson is now in jail for a botched Las Vegas armed-robbery involving signed merchandise.