20 Reports Of Windows Being Shot Out In Southern Delaware County

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Someone is shooting out windows in southern Delaware County.

Powell police said there have two dozen reports since January 1, with the bulk of the crimes reported just last week.

10TV obtained multiple photos of the vandalized vehicles.

Mark Pickard said one of his daughter’s car windows was shot out, “I was leaving to go to work and I backed out of the driveway and noticed the glass in the street.”

Pickard said his daughter had parked her car on the street outside their home.

Powell police said they’ve taken ten similar reports in the city. There have also been reports in Liberty and Orange Townships.

Powell detective Ryan Pentz said in all of the cases, the vandal used pellets and marbles for ammunition, but the weapon is unknown.
“It could be an airsoft gun, when you’re talking about a pellet. Regarding a marble, it could be projected several different ways,” Pentz said.

Police said the suspects have also smashed a window at a house and business. Detectives say the vandalism appears to be random.

Police say teens are likely responsible for the crimes. They are requesting anyone with information to call.
WEB EXTRA - A look at where the crimes are occurring

1.) 806 Village Park Dr. Powell
2.) 96 Chenango Dr. Powell
3.) 2472 Bryton Dr. Powell
4.) 8780 Gosling Way, Powell
5.) 1858 Roundwyck Ln. Powell
6.) 1820 Sherborne Ln. Powell
7.) 107 Liberty Ridge Ave. Powell
8.) 312 Ridge Side Dr. Powell
9.) 249 Ridge Side Dr. Powell
10.) 157 Trail Edge Cir. Powell
11.) 231 Muladore Dr. Powell
12.) 256 W. Olentangy St. Powell
13.) 230 Glenworth Ct. Powell
14.) 360 Shale Ridge Ct. Powell
15.) 1200 Carriage Rd. Powell
16.) 1517 Sunflower St. Lewis Center
17.) 1752 Impatiens Way, Lewis Center
18.) 7177 Holderman St. Lewis Center
19.) 2179 Reeves Ave. Lewis Center
20.) 8707 Clarksdale, Lewis Center