2 People Killed In Northwest Columbus Shooting

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Columbus Police said two people were killed in a shooting Monday in northwest Columbus.

The shooting occurred around 5:15 p.m. at 2550 Farrel Drive.

"There's a whole lot of gunfire, it sounded like fireworks going off but a lot louder," said neighbor Curtis Hall.

Hall and his girlfriend, Tabitha Clay, had their apartment door open when gunfire erupted two doors down.

"There was about five shots in the beginning, followed by three more, then two more after that," said Hall.

"You could hear that there was different gun sounds, like there was a bunch going off at the same time. You could just hear it echoing and echoing," said Clay.

"About three minutes later, the cops came up. They kicked in the door. They said there was two people lying on the floor is what I heard and then they had two in custody," said Hall.

Police took two people were taken into custody. Police say they are claiming self-defense.

Officers said they were looking for a third person of interest who left the area in a blue car.

"I have a three year old child so I don't feel safe at all now, at all," said Clay.

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